Honey Hair!

curlycookiescurlycookies Posts: 6Registered Users
ok, so im new on here, and new for caring for my curls:toothy7: and ive seen a lot of people talking about putting honey in there hair?
can you tell me about this, like how long for, how, any special type of honey? :dontknow:

curlycookies :)


  • lehcarbylehcarby Posts: 13Registered Users
    This thread: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/showthread.php?t=53985&highlight=honey

    is really good for ideas on how to use honey. HTH :)
    cg since 7/17/08 :wink:

    currently still somewhat in transition...

    in love with:
    vo5 vanilla mint tea
    suave naturals lavender
    la bella lots of curls
    shea butter
    herbal essences set me up
  • CandycaneCandycane Posts: 291Registered Users
    i mix half honey half giovani 50:50 condish and put it on my hair then i braid it and sleep with it like that overnight.

    when i wake up i rinse it out and do my normal co wash and it looks soooo much better-almost no frizz and my hair comes out very shiney and defined
  • RyanneRyanne Posts: 686Registered Users
    I leave it in (honey, conditioner, and olive oil) for at least an hour, sometimes I leave it when I go to sleep.

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