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Okay, for starters let me say I'll be working on getting a halfway decent pic of my hair up - all of the ones I have at the moment are far too dark or weird-angled.

I'm Jenn - I'm 20 years old, but inspite of this I find myself absolutely clueless as to how to manage my hair.

It's curly - most definitely. I took a peek at the curl-ranking system this site has set up, and I'm going to guess that I am an extremely damaged 3b.

I feel completely lost as to how to manage the curls. When I was a little girl, my hair was always a bit fuzzy, but it was still fine and not too frizzy. These days, it's shoulder-length and thick, and it fuzzes so badly I simply resort to sticking it down to my head with gel and keeping it in a tight bun. :cry: I know it damages it further, but I'm so lost. No matter what products I try - smoothing cremes, light gels, heavy gels, oils... either I'm not doing it right or nothing works - NOTHING keeps the frizz away. It curls well in places, in others its coarse and rough, in some places it's broken and in others it's thick and strong and soft. I can NEVER get a frizz-less curls look.

I definitely need some help. :blob7:


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    Welcome to NC Rabbit! There is so much information on this site to help you, from the articles and product recommendations to the message boards.

    I'm sure you'l find the help you need! Good luck :wink:
    Don't let your heart be broken. Let it love.
  • cristacrista Posts: 116Registered Users
    Check out the boards for your hair type and the home page of our site is a great place to start
    Have fun,

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