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cubitacubita Posts: 12Registered Users
hi..i need to buy a flat iron, but dont know wich one is the best
chi or sedu
other suggestions?


  • CurlzitaCurlzita Posts: 11Registered Users
    I like BabyLiss, it straightens rly well
  • MimsTXMimsTX Posts: 3,482Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    My CHI always worked really well, but I haven't tried the other one you listed, so I"m not sure how they compare
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  • mymi7887mymi7887 Posts: 24Registered Users
    I would recommend a Maxiglide if your hair has medium to tight curl pattern. I have tried the CHI and while it got my hair straight, I did not like the way it felt afterwards. It was a little dry and my ends were a mess. However, if your curls are loose something like the CHI or Sedu might work just fine for you.
    I got the Maxiglide last week and it only took me 45 minutes to straighten my thick, long and multi-textured hair [3b-4a and some relaxed bits that should be straight but are wavy]. With any other flat iron it would take 2-3 hours. It was also the first time using a flat iron that my ends got straight and my hair still had moisture in it! It has been 5 days since I straightened it and I have only had to touch it up once. This is amazing since I live in a country with a sub-tropical climate.



  • JLRcurlyJLRcurly Posts: 245Registered Users
    Yes I have a Maxiglide as well and really like it!
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  • cubitacubita Posts: 12Registered Users
    thank u ladies..I ordered a sedu...read so much about it...I 'll let u know if it works for me...
  • shndlynshndlyn Posts: 103Registered Users
    I recently used an ERGO for my 4a/4b super kinky hair...it did quite well.

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  • J_81J_81 Posts: 9Registered Users
    I tbuy a Sedu, they are not well known here in the UK but reading reviews they seem very good and relaible.
  • curlybrunette5curlybrunette5 Posts: 264Registered Users
    I say the Maxiglide. I've been using it consistently for the last few months and even in the humid heat of the summer, it gets my hair straight with minimal damage. I've used a friend's CHI and while I see what the hype is about- it got my hair incredibly stick straight- I can also see that repeated use would damage the hell out of my hair. Even after one use, I could see my ends were not thrilled. They looked drier than they do with the Maxiglide.
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  • PaunchyPaunchy Posts: 17Registered Users
    i've been using the GVP version of the chi. and i love it. never used a maxiglide tho.
  • phoebephoebe Posts: 1Registered Users
    I'm trying to find a good flat iron preferably under $100. Does anyone have any suggestions? I saw on Good Morning America that the Remington Wet to straight flat iron was pretty good. Has any one every tried it? I really would like to try a flat iron but I dont want to burn my hair off either. Once you get a flat iron what products do you put on it to prevent burning? Thanks so much.
  • curlzdivacurlzdiva Posts: 1Registered Users
    the remington wet to straight works well, but it leaves your hair really damaged. i sucks all the moisture out of curly hair. while it gives a really nice result for the length of your hair the ends have a tendency to be really crunchy and break.

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