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Hey Guys-

I'm trying to lose some weight and I have about 20 pounds that I would like to lose. I currently weigh 142 and I would like to get down to about 120. I am 5'2, and weighed around 120 or less for much of my life so I don't think this is an unrealistic goal.

I want to lose it the right way, and I am in no rush to lose weight as fast as I can, like I have done in the past. I would like to shoot for losing 1-2 pounds a week.

I belong to a Gym, however I know I need to go more often, lately I have only been going 2 times a week and working out for about an hour a time. I'm always so tired when I go to the Gym though. How much should I be working out to lose weight? How much time should be spent on aerobics? and on weight training?

Also, I think my biggest problem is that I like to eat. Fattening foods are just so satisfying to me. I try to eat healthy, but then I give in and end up stuffing myself with something really bad for me. I wish I could learn to control my cravings.

I am open to any suggestions or advice you have for me! Thanks! :)


  • tikigodstikigods Registered Users Posts: 165
    ONe think you might want to try is drinking a lot of water. Most people think that snacking is due to hunger, however a lot of times we "think" we're hungry but we are really thirsty.

    When you're feeling like snacking, drink water until you feel full.
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    I don't really do weights, but for cardio I would say 30-45 minutes 3 to 5 times a week.

    As for the diet, I know what you mean. I would say instead of completely changing your diet, try incorporating healthier foods into it. I still eat burgers, but I have a side salad with it instead of french fries. Instead 300 empty calories, you get less, but more nutritious calories. Drink water, low-calorie, or no-calorie drinks with your meal. That's another 300 calories (depending on how many refills you get or it you supersize meals). Get burgers with mustard intstead of mayo, take the skin off chicken, use salsa intead of sour cream on tacos. All of these are good starts that will shave off calories that will add up to great weight loss eventually. I lost five pounds by simply switching my drink to tea w/splenda instead of regular soda.
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    Try a nutritionist. Your gym might have one. He/she can help you work on changing your eating habits to move you into a diet that will fuel your body, but not put on more weight.
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    I would recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise 5-6 days out of the week. Try alternating each day between cardio and resistance. For example, Monday is a day for cardio and Tuesday is a day for resistance. etc.

    Cravings are hard to control. We all give into temptations at one point or another. If you happen to find yourself eating a meal you know is fattening. all you have to do is get right back on track with the next meal. I will tell you about my experience. In the past I can remember cheating about 3 times a week with fattening meals, but, I was taking these pills called Chitosan. I only took Chitosan pills with the cheating meals I knew were going to be fattening and not diet food. Chitosan pills are natural and they give people bowel movement but they helped me. Anyways I did lose weight. Drinking more water than usual also helps.

    If you are going to be cheating with the diet like I did, I would definately exercise 5-6 days out of the week at least 30 minutes. If you are going to be eating healthy all the time then I think 3 -4 days out of the week is sufficient.
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  • disneylovedisneylove Registered Users Posts: 112
    if you have the time distance walking is the single best exercise
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  • CurlyRedChicCurlyRedChic Registered Users Posts: 43
    Thanks for all the tips everyone!

    Just wanted to post that since the new year I am down 9 pounds! I started the new year at 142, and I am now down to 133! Yee hah!!
    I've been exercising twice a day and have really been watching what I eat. My pants are getting big on now I have an excuse to go shopping!! :)

    Ideally I want to lose about another 13 pounds, but my weight seems to have stopped dropping in the last 2 weeks. I already exercise a ton, and I don't want to restrict my diet any more, because that's not healthy, so I'm not sure where to go from here.
  • Aries_jbAries_jb Registered Users Posts: 1,556
    Congrats on the weight loss! You're very dedicated.

    I would definitely say not to exercise more. You're working out twice a day as it is, so yes, it would be overkill. It's really important to make changes you can stick with. Exercising like a demon isn't something most people can maintain.

    That said, what are you doing for exercise? Maybe you could up the intensity, or maybe the duration (maybe go 10 more minutes) of your cardio. If your doing weights, then merely building up heavier weights or an additional set can help.
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  • CherishCherish Registered Users Posts: 1,847
    I would actually cut back on the exercise to once a day for a week, then kick it back up.
  • CynaminbearCynaminbear Registered Users Posts: 4,476 Curl Connoisseur
    Sounds like a plateau. Changing what you're doing will help trick your body into dropping some more. Change the kind of exercise, do less, change your eating a bit, something to shake up the body. It's gotten used to your routine and needs to be shocked a bit.
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    I lift weights on M/W/F and do interval training on my treadmill T/Th/Sat (off on Sunday). Interval training is a great way to work hard in a short amount of time. I run for about 15 minutes, but running in intervals (sprinting v. jogging) makes it a great workout. Weight lifting is great because muscle burns fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you'll burn. If you want more info about my routines, just e-mail me. :D

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