Curl gurl in 2 years strong... and counting..

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Hi there! I cut my relaxer out of my hair over 2 years ago and went from hair past my shoulders to less than 1 inch. I went for the gusto and have loved it ever since!! What I haven't loved is the lack of knowledge for girls like me who go for it, but don't know how to take care of my own hair since the last time it was natural was when my mom used to do it for me. So I'm looking for suggestions for daily care and I am soooo excited! My homegirl directed me to the site and I am looking forwarding to sharing what I know and learning from you all!


  • cristacrista Posts: 116Registered Users
    Hi there! We're glad you're here and going strong.
    Welcome to the community!
  • curlydeltacurlydelta Posts: 107Registered Users
    :blob7::blob7::blob7::blob7:Hey you!!!!!!!!!!!:blob7::blob7::blob7::blob7: I'm so excited you're here!!!!!

    Love ya, mean it!!:wave:
    I need and want help to take proper care of my curls. *added a few pics 12/30/08*

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