Green Clay scalp/hair cleanser

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The marshmallow detangling rinse still works well on both mine and my daughter's hair.

i have been reading people's reviews of terressentials clay cleansers and thought i'd buy some of my own clay and make my own. i just can't afford their prices, let alone shipping costs and the waiting.

i bought rainbow brand green clay.

the recipe is roughly:

2 heaping tablespoons green clay
2 teaspoons apricot kernel oil (my oil of choice these days for face, body, and hair)
water (enough to make the mixture paste-like)

i section my hair in quarters. i begin by roughly parting one section with my fingers and rubbing the mud into my scalp to work up sebum, sweat, dirt, etc. then i apply mud onto my ends and along the entire section of hair. i twist that section to keep it out of my way, and i repeat the application on the remaining sections until my entire scalp is cleansed and all hair is coated with the mud.

by the time i'm finished with the last section, it's time to rinse.

i rinse one section at a time, beginning with the first section i cleansed. i massage my scalp intensely with my finger tips as the water washes through. then i finger-detangle as the clay rinses downward; there is something about the clay mixture that allows this to facilitate easily. after the water is running clear, i retwist that section and begin with the next section, continuing until my entire head is thoroughly rinsed.

i blot my hair in a towel then smooth about a quarter-size amount of apricot kernel oil onto each section from the roots to the ends. then i take my denman and gently detangle from the ends to the root. this is fairly easy at this point. i repeat on the remaining sections until my entire head is thoroughly detangled.

i'm left with hair that is completely clean, and fresh-smelling without any fragrance or even essential oils. and it's soft, that natural soft that doesn't come from unnatural coating products.

i wear my hair mostly in updos, so i don't apply styling products or leave-ins.

now, this could be a messy method if you aren't used to using powdered conditioners. i'm used to it and didn't have a messy counter, floor, or towels. if you try it, you may want to initially put newspaper on the floor and clear away things on your counter that you may not want to get splattered.

ETA: i forgot. my hair is 3c/4a and long. if your hair is thin or short, you would reduce the measurements for your hair. and regarding the apricot kernel oil, i still think jojoba oil is tops, but it is costly and i need to watch my spending in these tender economic times. i found that ako is odor-free, moisturizing for skin and hair (it's great on my face), and is a lot cheaper. it also works well as the sole oil in my oil-cleansing routine (it gets the dirt off my face and neck really well.).
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    Thanks for sharing the recipe and process. I really want to experiment with different clays, too, and you make it sound very easy and do-able. :)

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