I am [new]...and I [dislike] my hair...help.

Brittyb421Brittyb421 Posts: 3Registered Users
ok...so [usually] I love and embrace my hair, and in january i got this wonderful idea to cut it in to a cute little bob.
well...the love affair with the new hair lasted about [3 or 4 days]. now, i am waiting for it to be long again, and it's at a medium length.

i need to find a new style for it. i hate pulling back into a bun, and i hate it being down...i want something [fun] with a slight [classic] twist to it.

but most importantly, i want something to do with it that i can be happy with until it grows longer, [or] i might find myself getting it all cut off and going [halle berry-oscar night look].

[please look at my picture and give me some suggestions...]


  • cristacrista Posts: 116Registered Users
    Welcome - you've arrived at the right place.
    You should check out the right boards for your hair type.
    Do you know your hair type? If not, read about them here on the home page http://www.naturallycurly.com/
    (upper left hand corner) and go from there. Lots of information here for you!

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