CG conditioners with no "questionable" ingredients?

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I am looking for some easy-to-find conditioners ( we have WalMart, RiteAid, and Longs here) that have no protein, or any other questionable ingredients. Of course, I want them to be CG. I want to try to pinpoint ingredient sensitivities. Sorry for all the questions, but I am having so much trouble with frizz, and I've been CG for almost 2 months, and I'm getting very frustrated.
Whenever I post several questions in a post, I don't usually get all the answers I need, like in my curl pattern thread.
Thanks for reading this, and thanks for any questions you can answer!

1. Is cetrimonium chloride ok?

2. How about behentrimonium chloride?

3. How do I find proteins? What are they usually listed as?

4. Some people are sensitive to polyquats, correct? And can they use polyquaternum 4 with out having a problem with polyquaternum 11 and vice versa?

5. Can anyone recommend completely "neutral" (no potentially problematic ingredients) conditioners and styling products that I should be able to get locally?

6. Are any of the Suave Naturals and Vo5 conditioers protein free? If so, which ones?

7. What are some other problem ingredients?

Edit: Oops! Would General Discussion about Curly Hair have been a better place to post this?
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    Hi there, I can't answer all of your questions, but I've found this link very helpful in starting my CG experiment:

    It lists seemingly EVERY ingredient ever put into commercial haircare products. It'll help you figure out what is what. :)

    Hope that helps a little anyway.
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    I have no answers for the first four questions, but the list SydneyCurl gave you looks very helpful.

    Most of the Suave naturals conditioners are "neutral". I know that the tropical coconut has proteins in it, and I've heard that the vanilla floral does too, but I think that the others are all okay.

    I think many of the Vo5 conditioners have proteins, but I'm having trouble finding ingredient lists for some of them. I know the moisture milks have proteins, so you'll want to avoid those until you know how your hair reacts to protein.

    As for other ingredients, I've heard people saying that their hair doesn't like magnesium sulfate, jojoba oil, and wheat germ, so you may want to experiment with conditioners containing these ingredients.

    I'm not an expert on these things, but I hope I helped.
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    Let me see if I can answer any of your questions.

    1. No clue, lol.

    2. I think I'm allergic to this. Pre-CG, when I would use specific "anti-frizz" products, I'd break out in little itchy hives (actually thought they were mosquito bites, but that didn't make sense). This was one of the three common ingredients. It's in none of the products I use now and the others are, so I'm guessing I'm allergic.

    3. Proteins are anything that says specifically "protein," as well as silk, amino acids, keratin, or hydrolyzed.

    4. I'd do a search on the polyquats. I know some people can't use one, but can get by with the other.

    5. Suave conditioners are good - though the coconut has protein in it. Giovanni makes organic hair products that you can find at Target. Not sure if some have protein. Many curlies (including myself) use Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel. Helps with frizz!

    6. Already answered :)

    7. Magnesium sulfate can do the same thing as protein to some people - dry, straw-like hair. It gives me a lot of frizz and makes my hair straight! Some have problems with polyquats, like you mentioned. And then depending on your climate and the time of year, glycerin can give you trouble. I don't think many people have a lot of problems with it, thought it is still summer.

    You can also check out the natural product thread to get ideas. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the responses so far!
    When I got a Suave Naturals conditioner, just by chance I ended up getting the Vanilla Floral. And it has protein in it! :tongue5: So, I'll try another style.
    Keep those answers coming, please! :wink:
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    This is a great thread! Very helpful.

    Oh and I can say now that question 1 is fine to use hun.
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    There's nothing inherently wrong with protein, and many curlies need a little bit of it to perk up their curls. If your hair starts getting dry and straw-like, then consider protein sensitivity. Most curlies are not protein-sensitive, however.
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    Well, problematic is relative to each person. To me, problematic ingredients are all of the ones that you listed. Actually, anything chemical for the most part causes me issues. Cetrimonium chloride and behentrimonium chloride are in pretty much everything I've used that's the typical "shampoo/conditioner" type, from suave to online, or expensive, ordered, or salon types. They're even in so-called "organic" lines. but they cause me issues as well. If you go to you can look up individual ingredients to see how sensitizing they can be. It's a good site. Proteins are usually shown as things like hydrolized wheat, or wheat germ in other natural lines, or hydrolized soy, or things like that. I'm a little protein sensitive but not that bad. I'm sensitive to all polyquats, they make me itch.

    Granted, I'm an odd case in that I have SO MANY sensitivities. I can't recommend any that you can get at the store because I don't use them, and any I've tried I had issues with. But yes, I believe a number of suave naturals and vo5 are protein free. I'm pretty much an exclusive CV shampoo and soap bar user now. Oh, and AO conditioners, and butters and oils. I'm all natural and no synthetics. But I hth anyway.
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