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aislinaislin ILRegistered Users Posts: 864
Was I supposed to signify which freebie I wanted in my curlmart order I just placed, or do they automatically get sent along to me? I would prefer a sample of the Tweek, but I am also eligible for a Jessicurl product and something else. But while placing my order, I didn't see an option to choose them anywhere and now I'm afraid I'm going to miss out :(
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  • va_candiva_candi Registered Users Posts: 849
    I didn't get to specify my freebie for either of the last two orders that I placed, but both came with samples of Tweek.
  • sophiemolsophiemol philadelphiaRegistered Users Posts: 101
    I think you get what you are eligible for so long as they haven't run out...last time I ordered I didn't get what they had advertised as a sample but I got a gel sample of Fuzzy Duck. This time I got the Tweek and the thermal hair wrap. I didn't get jessicurl though because they weren't advertising that as the freesample when I placed my order. I didn't have to indicate what i wanted, it just automatically came.
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  • aislinaislin ILRegistered Users Posts: 864
    Ah gotcha, thank you ladies, you've put my pj mind to rest :wink:.
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  • Shelly FontanaShelly Fontana Registered Users Posts: 253

    We will put the freebie in your order when we fill your order. We ran out of the [buylink=]Jessicurl Too Shea[/buylink] very fast and have just a few Tweek left for this month. Thank you for your orders!

    Shelly Fontana

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