For those who watch reality tv...

dia99dia99 Registered Users Posts: 1,998
Do you watch the show "religiously" every week? The only show I try to catch every week and care if I miss is Project Runway. Everything else, I catch it if it comes on as a rerun when I have some free time on my hands or just don't watch at all. I prefer to just do a marathon on a free day, then I can get the general picture of the show, leave to do something else, then come back and catch the end if I want to. Instant gratification or horror instead of dragging it out. I do try to at least catch the end of the results show on American Idol if I get to see some of the acts from that week.

But, it seems like a lot of us watch reality tv. Do you actually schedule "your" shows into your evening or just catch them if you can? What shows do you watch?
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  • bouncebounce Registered Users Posts: 297
    We are big reality TV junkies - American Idol, Apprentice, Survivor and the Amazing Race. Every show we halfway enjoy (including my selections of Talk Soup, Design on a Dime, Designers Challenge, The Guantlet and I Want That) are all set up to be Tivo'd everytime they are on so it's automatically recorded. For the big ones, we usually catch it when it's on, but we are total homebodies Sun-Thurs so it gives us something to do.

    Thursdays are our "dates" with Survivor, the OC and the Apprentice.
  • PeppyPeppy Registered Users Posts: 3,290
    bounce wrote:
    Thursdays are our "dates" with Survivor, the OC and the Apprentice.

    I thought we were the only ones that did this! Date night is Thurs. night when Survivor is on. We always have a pizza delivered and cut off the phones for the whole evening. :)
  • spiderlashes5000spiderlashes5000 Registered Users Posts: 17,898 Curl Virtuoso
    The only reality shows I have ever liked are:

    Project Runway (I love fashion design)
    The Mole (I love mysteries)
    House Hunters (I love real estate)

    Everything else sucks, imo. I cannot stand all the 'drama' and different 'personalities' and dumb scenarios that characterize most reality shows. I tend to avoid them at all costs.
  • AseretAseret Registered Users Posts: 9
    It would probably be easier to say which shows I don't watch...
    It started with Survivor and never stopped.
    I think my favorite is Bachelor - I keep hoping that someday one of the couples will really fall in love and stay together. Hopeless romantic I guess!
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  • goldencurlygoldencurly Registered Users Posts: 2,385
    I believe the phrase reality tv is an oxymoron. Ugh. Yet one more reason I don't watch tv very much at all.
  • Who Me?Who Me? Registered Users Posts: 3,181
    I haven't noticed any of the main network reality series doing a marathon (Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, etc.) so if I'm watching those I'll watch it when it airs.

    The ones on cable (any MTV show, Project Runway, ANTM on VH1, etc.) I'll pretty much always end up not watching much during the season, and then watching a whole marathon day!
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  • roseannadanaroseannadana Registered Users Posts: 5,633 Curl Connoisseur
    I have a DVR so I don't have to miss any of the shows I like. And, I can FF through the commericals so it works out great!

    I record Survivor, The Apprentice and Big Brother.

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  • MeghuneyMeghuney Registered Users Posts: 4,263
    I watch most of the MTV shows at their regularly scheduled times......Making the Band when it was on, Gauntlet 2, Real World when it was on. On VH1, I catch the reruns of Flavor of Love and Celebrity Fit Club.
    I suspect, when BET'S College Hill comes on again, I'll watch that too.
  • SCGSCG Registered Users Posts: 5,416
    It's a family affair for us. :lol:

    When the apprentice is on, we gather on the couch at approximately 8:55 so that we don't miss the first few minutes scrambling to the tv.

    Same thing with american idol and biggest loser. There was one other that hasn't started yet, and I can't remember for the life of me the name of it...

    eta: anyone remember that reality show Joe Millionare? The wholeeee family watched that. It was crazy... we were pretty much obsessed. :roll:


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  • MMWMMW Registered Users Posts: 557
    I have to watch Project Runway on Wednesdays...can't miss it. I will normally make an effort to watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition and America's Next Top Model, also. For all of the rest (mainly home shoes that come on HGTV), I don't mind catching the reruns.
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  • goldygoldy Registered Users Posts: 5,463 Curl Connoisseur
    i'm a mtv reality tv show addict!! :?

    i voted for the first option but i also catch the reruns during the week and i'll stay in my pj's all day somedays and watch the marathons..
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    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
  • =~ohura~==~ohura~= Registered Users Posts: 255
    I wish real TV would come back like Cosby Show, Seinfeld, Twin Peaks, Another World Santa Barbara (those were my soaps back in the day). :lol:

    I watched survivor religiously the first couple of years. I watched trump the first year but dwindled with each year. When he told the contestant Kevin that he was overeducated I pretty much stopped watching altogether.
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  • M2LRM2LR Registered Users Posts: 8,630 Curl Connoisseur
    I hate reality TV now, but didn't mind it when it first came out.

    The only one I watched was the original start of "Temptation Island." And I only watched the first Season.

    We used to be avid Fear Factor watchers, but even that's slacked off. You can only watch so much of young busty females eating pureed rat does get a little old and tiring.
  • geekygeeky Registered Users Posts: 4,995
    I don't watch much reality tv (though I will admit to nanny 911). We were avid Survivor fans for a while but then it got old.

    I will get sucked into a marathon occasionally when flipping channels on a weekend. I love Airline marathons.
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  • SuperCurlSuperCurl Registered Users Posts: 111
    I admit it, I'm addicted to "reality" tv! I LOVE it! I watch too many to list all of them :oops:
    3a/b fine but lots of it!
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