Wen Haircare System by Chaz Dean

Hello! :o I'm between a 2b, 3a, and 3b. My hair is kind of odd. It's about mid-back when it's just relaxed, and I wear it with a pouf (poof) in the front. I've been using mousse for approximately a year now because my hair recently began getting curlier and curlier. It becomes ringlet-like towards the ends, is wavy/curly towards the middle, and is straight/wavy at the top. I let it dry up in a ponytail to create volume so it doesn't plaster to my face. It's kind of heavy so the top is less curly than the bottom as i mentioned earlier. Does anybody have any tips on how to moisturize curly hair? I recently put a small small small amount of mousse in my hair so it would be a little more natural, and it turns out it's really dry. I heard about the Wen Haircare System by Chaz Dean that works for all hair types. It's a cleansing conditioner, without all the sulfates regular shampoos use to clean hair. It's one bottle, one step in the shower. The before and after results are AMAZING and all the hair is more controlled and beautiful after. I was thinking about trying it and ordering it online to see if it would work for me since I'm tired of using damaging products over and over every day just to keep my hair under control. It takes me about half an hour to do my hair every day, and I just want something that's less time-consuming in my daily routine. Has anybody tried Wen or heard of it? If so, is it good? :lurk:


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    I think we've all heard of this Wen they sell it on curlmart, have you checked the reviews? You can check iin the Curl products tab or go to the bottom of your thread page and do a forum jump to Readers Product Reviews. Deva also makes a No-Poo cleanser but it's still recomended that you use a conditoner too. A lot of gals here co-wash with Suave Coconut and then use a richer conditioner on top of that. I'm getting ready to experiment with the Suave myself cuz I'm a PJ and like to try all kinds of stuff! And at $.99 if it works I'll happily ditch the expensive deva stuff even though I LOVE the smell!
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    Ok I'll be sure to check that out! Thanks so much. It's just I'm tired of using mousse and hydrating serum and gel to keep my hair under control, so I was wondering if anybody had tried that or knew anything about it. Thanks again!

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