We sold our house! good news/and bad

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We are in the market to getting a bigger house, so that when we get lil' ones, they can run around more. We have found a few prospects that are a little bigger and much bigger yard space, which is what I really want. I don't care if the house is bigger, but I don't want to be mashed up against my neighbors, you know?

Anyways, our house is sold...and we will be homeless at the end of September. We'll have a place to stay (with a friend), but still...

We put in a bid for a foreclosed house and the bank we are dealing with is stringing us along. I am telling my husband if we con't hear anything soon, to bid for another house that I also love before we lose our opportunity.

I'm nervous about the prospect of not having a house for awhile, but it's also exciting.

Oh, and I"m also procrastinating, since I promised to start going through our stuff in our guest room...what to throw away, what to give to Goodwill, what to keep, etc.

Not looking forward to the boxing of stuff, packing, and moving. Ack!
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    Moving, packing - how exciting. It's scary and exciting all in one!!