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Does anyone hate them as much as I do?:cussing:


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    Me, me, me! But they sure love me. I remember this one time when I was about 8 years old I woke up with 38 mosquito bites in my face alone, 38, and I couldn't open my left eye, I kid you not!

    (My mom counted them, that's how I know there were 38 )
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    ughhh! They are horrible in my back yard. I have to use natural bug repellant just to bring the dogs out. I smell like furniture polish all the time :(
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    I do! I live in mosquito country too, AND I'm allergic so my bites swell up like 3 inches big. :evil:
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    Yes! For some reason, my husband's go away in a day or two, but mine linger on forever.

    I think we have chiggers in our yard. Poor DS had tons of bites on his legs and inside his diaper(!). Now we've starting using repellent when he plays outside, and it's much better.
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    We had helicoptor sized mosquitoes in AK, but they didn't make me itch as bad as the ones down here. I guess I developed an immunity to them.

    In HI, they're TINY, which makes them very sneaky, you can't even feel them land on you. And they itch, GAWD do they itch. I have two scars on my ankle from scratching.
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    The bites they leave on me are horrible, too. I have to cover them with band-aids, or else I scratch them bloody and my legs look gross.

    And that high-pitched whine they terrible!:tongue6: I hate them with a passion.
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    meryn wrote: »
    We had helicoptor sized mosquitoes in AK, but they didn't make me itch as bad as the ones down here. I guess I developed an immunity to them.

    Someone once told me the Alaska state bird was the mosquito. :sad2:
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    I cuss them out. I try not to cuss... but when a mosquito lands on me and starts sucking my blood, I lose all control and revert back to my :cussing: "f'ing mf'ers" :cussing: days. So I get mad at them first, for sucking my blood with their disgusting little sucker thingys, and then I get mad at them for making me lose control and cussing them out.

    They really piss me off. :angry8:
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    My DD2 had a terrible time with them when we were visiting the Jersey shore earlier this summer. The In-Laws live on a lake, so the mosquitos were plentiful, and seemed to like DD2 best. Poor kid was one big series of bites.
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    I feel kinda bad for them. I totally hate them, but I still feel a little bad. They can't help that they're bloodsucking little critters, just like some humans are bloodsucking. Only they can help it.

    This thread has caused all my bites to spark back to life. Owowowowowow. I have long nails and no patience. Eww, blood.
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    I hate mosquitoes! A tip for hanging out on the deck, at a picnic, etc.: If you hate the smell of those citronella candles, try burning your favorite incense. I have found that mosquitoes hate incense. :evil1:
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