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Hi everyone, I am trying to be modified cg and presently using sauve coconut to co-wash and would like to try something lighter, much to my dismay I can no longer find sauve, and vo5 also isn't available. Was wondering if any of the herbal essence conditioners were cg. Bear with me, I am still learning how to read my labels!


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    I'm pretty sure most of them aren't CG. Look at the ingredients of the ones you're interested in; if anything ends in -xane, -cone, or -conol, it's not CG. Also be on the lookout for mineral oil and paraffin.

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    Thanks curljenn I didn't know about mineral oil or paraffin.
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    Yeah, I don't know off of the top of my head if they have cones, but I'm nearly positive that they do if I remember correctly. Also (and I've tried several of them since they were introduced) the Herbal Essences conditioners ultimately left my hair in crappy condition after prolonged use. I'd try something else.
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    Here's a site with a list of CG products: http://healthycurls.awardspace.com/free.html
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    Thanks for the link, out of that whole list for drug store the only 1 I think I may be able to find is the Aussie, I know the others aren't carried as I have already looked as I had seem them mentioned previously. Thanks at least I have something else to try to find. As I become more familiar with ingredients I may stumble across one on my own! Right I really like second opinions and advise from the you guys!

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