Lime juice

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I've used lime juice for a long time now - approx 6 months. Anyway, yesterday I experimented by using the juice of 2 limes (diluted in approx 200-300 ml of water) instead of one, and...... wow! My hair is so much softer, mostly tangle-free and less dry. Basically it gives the same sort of effect as vinegar, but with a lovely lime smell rather than icky vinegar.

I can't stop running my hands through my hair (which is OK at the moment, as I've got it brushed out today).

By the way, if you try this, make sure you strain your lime juice before pouring it on your hair! ;-)

Based in the UK. 2-something (2b?) hair. Very porous, fine and brittle/fragile

Hair loves: Drip drying, glycerine, shea butter, oils
Hair hates: Plopping, any kind of gel, most conditioners (scalp issues).

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