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In a recent thread you discussed a recipe you were trying to perfect for a homemade curl creme, I believe. Just wondering if you have made any progress and/or have anything to share? I am looking for a winter substitute for FSG and I remember thinking your recipe sounded wonderfully moisturizing.



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    I've been playing with ingredients, and I think my last batch was the best-the simplest, too. I just made a small sample of 1t each shea butter, cocoa butter, and 1/2 t coconut oil (I don't really measure, but those are pretty good approximations). I melted them in the microwave, and whipped in about 3 pea-sized drops of honey, and then 2T of aloe juice. I used a little hand beverage blender, and it came out whipped so light and fluffy, but the av kept separating. It had just enough of the av and honey for some hold. I dispensed with the other oils for now because that was just overkill-too heavy for me now. But my next thing is to add some ACV to act as an emulsifier (and it's good for the hair/scalp, so bonus!), and I want to work a little camellia and rosemary eo back in-just a touch, and maybe decrease the coconut oil to balance it. No jojoba-that just doesn't work for me. My goal would be a thick milk, more or less, to use alone in the winter, or under [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] or FSG now. But I see that Rhosyn Du (I'm so sorry if I didn't get the name right)makes her own conditioning cream, too, and I really, really would like to see what she's got cooking!
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    Curly Girl Fla - Thank you so much!! :toothy7: That sounds like something I would like to try. The kids start school tomorrow and I will have a little more time to experiment.

    I also saw rhosyn_du's post on the recipe thread. Her recipe sounds interesting as well. Thank you again.

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