Hair care for my Son...Please help

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So far I am doing okay with my hair after my BC. So now Im trying to focus on my 5 year old son and his hair care.

I need to know what type he is, and how to care for his hair. He wants 360's as he calls it like his god fathers and his father. Yet I dont know how to make this happen.

I read that some men brush their hair in the shower and then afterwards...but I thought brushing too much may lead to hair loss...

Then I also read some stuff about the proline products, but Im thinking to myself, why cant he use stuff like I do? Like leave in conditioners, or suave or Elasta Mango Butter.

Last nightI saw him spray his hair with my infusium 23 moisturology (put it in a spray bottle for ease), and I looked at it later and it didnt seem to do anythign different. His hair never really is dry anyways. Not like mines at least. But he doesnt have shine, just sheen. His hair is too cute when he get outta the shower, but it wont stay that way.

I used to put cholestrol mousse in his hair to make it stay like that, but I stopped cause I didnt want him to leave in the morning with slightly damp moussed hair.

This is kinda what it looks like now.IMAGE_008.jpg

IMG_0751.JPGThis is what happens when he gets a close cut.

And this is what it looked like 2 years ago. It looks wavy to me in this picture, but then again he was in the pool so it may just be the "wet curl". I wouldnt mind if I could get his hair to stay the way it looks when its wet all day.

Someone help me type my baby...
And also recommend products to use in his hair...
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    what exactly do you want his hair to do?

    he looks like a 4a/b to me. why cant he use the products that you do?
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    Moisture, moisture, moisture. That is what is working for my 4 almost 5 yo son. His hair is a combination of 3c/4a/4b and was so dry that any styling product I put in his hair was gone within a couple of hours. So I started him on the CG routine. But I found that because how much product I was putting in his hair that I needed to shampoo his hair 1x or 2x a week. But I found a no sulfate poo at Whole Foods that removes the product but doesn't strip it of oils and make it dry. (It's called Hugo Naturals.)

    So his current routine is wash with no-poo once or twice a week. And every night I put Suave Coconut conditioner in his hair as a leave in. Since I started doing this it has been very soft. Now I don't have the whole routine down yet. I'm still looking for a styling product that will define his curls but not be crunchy or greasy. I just ordered Sister Smith [buylink=]curly pudding[/buylink] and spritz so I will let you know how that turns out.
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    I have to agree with the Suave. Before I even knew about this website I would always not completely rinse out the Suave tropical Coconut to help keep the frizzes away.

    I'm kind of confused though, with his hair so short I don't see how anything be done in terms of styling it. I would just make sure it don't dry out.

    love the spiderman picture btw, adorable!