Scent of DevaCare vs. DevaCurl?

Hi ladies. Haven't been around these parts in awhile (so long, in fact, that I forgot my original username! :-? ) I have very, very curly hair, 3b I think, which I cut short last week. I've decided to go back to the DevaCurl products I've had for a couple of years. (Low Poo, One Condition, Mister Right, Angell.) I like all of them and in particular I'm fond of the scents of the gel and the shampoo. However, my hair is looking a bit fried and I'm low on just about all of the products, so I was thinking of switching to the DevaCare line. My one big concern though is that from what I've been able to discover, the DevaCare line smells of orange/orange blossom. I've got migraines and for whatever weird reason the smell of anything too straight-up orange can trigger them big time. I guess I'm wondering what the DevaCare products smell like, if they're a really strong smell, if they linger the way the Curl ones do, etc.: basically any info you can give me would be helpful. Thanks for reading this!
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  • WannaLoveMyWavesWannaLoveMyWaves Posts: 53Registered Users
    I would describe the smell as more of a muted orange creamcicle rather than an orange scent. I do not notice it lingering in my hair at all. I also have scent induced headaches and have to be careful - my tend to be triggered my perfumey kind of scents. PM me if you are interested in trying a sample first I can make you one :)
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    I also get scent induced headaches and haven't had any problems with the DevaCare line. I find the scent very muted with no lingering scent at all. I can't even identify any orange scent at all, it's more like just a clean scent if anything at all. Before I spent the money I went into my Deva salon and asked to smell the products. The salon staff had no problem with that as they use the products in the salon and had plenty of them open. Maybe you could find a salon that would allow you to do a sniff test.
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    I think DevaCare OneC smells like an orange creamsicle. I didn't like the smell very much (I love the smell of DevaCurl OneC.) ArcAngell smells like some kind of orange candy- I love love love the smell of this one. I haven't tried any of the other products. As for the scent lingering, personally I find that scent lingers whenever I'm using a new product, but I get used to it after a while. But I didn't find the scent of these products overwhelming.
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    Thanks girls! I'm glad (well, not glad, but you know what I mean, I hope) that I'm not the only one who gets those weird headaches. It sounds like I'll be able to do DevaCare without inducing a migraine, and if they do, I guess I can put them up for swap! I actually love the smell of orange creamsicle, which doesn't trigger anything, so that sounds appealing. Thanks again, all three of you were really helpful. :)
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