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I have been researching natural hair care products so much lately I think my eyes are crossing! :sad5: First, I was going to make my own shampoo. Then, it was the baking soda-apple cider vinegar method. Then the no-poo/co-washing approach.

Basically, I am very confused at this point!! The bs acv method and the no-poo/co-washing method are two different things right?? Would you use the acv as a conditioner in the co-washing system?

Also, which one is the best approach for a curly-haired girl that straightens her hair every day? Are either of these successful when constantly straightening hair?

I would love to take a natural approach, but I feel so much more confident with my hair straight, plus with the haircut I have right now (i.e. bangs), I don't think a curly do would work so well. Maybe when the hairs get a little longer! :)

Any advice is welcome! Sorry for the long post!



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    I know a lot of people use the apple cider vinegar rinse as a kind of clarifying tool (an alternative to any kind of shampoo) when going with the "no poo" method (myself included). It helps remove some of the buildup that you can get some all the styling products, but doesn't strip your hair the same way shampoo does.

    I have a friend who was trying to go with the 'no poo' approach though, who's hair is a lot more fine and silky than mine is, and she had some issues with greasy-ness and buildup. So she started using baking soda as a way to wash, with the vinegar as a clarifying agent followed by conditioner to moisturize.

    I'm just getting started on that no poo (also known as CG here) method, and I'm LOVING it. I haven't straightened my hair since I started it though, so I couldn't tell you which method would be best for that. Hopefully someone else can chime in and help in that area.

    As for the bangs and curls, it can definitely work. I have bangs that I was straightening up until recently even while I wore the rest of my hair curly, and I think it worked out pretty well.
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    Yes, they are two different things.

    When you are CG, you're still using conditioner to co-wash. You could still do this naturally with an organic conditioner if you wanted (like Giovanni or Aubrey Organics). If you're considering doing this, check out the natural product thread.

    Since it seems like you still want to straighten, check out the straightening thread. I think most curlies here are embracing their curls.
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    If you are going to continue straightening, you are probably going to want to use silicone serums to help prevent heat damage, which would kind of be the opposite of the end goal of the other methods. As long as you are going to be straightening, I would use a sulfate-free shampoo and a good conditoner with the silicone serums before you straighten and then use a sulfate shampoo when you notice buildup. I could go at least a month with just a sulfate free shampoo. I hope this helped you some. I am sure you can get better advice in the straightening section.
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    thanks guys - those are some really great tips. maybe I will just embrace my curls! :wink:

    thanks for the help!
  • WannaLoveMyWavesWannaLoveMyWaves Posts: 53Registered Users
    I am just now attempting to embrace my waves after a year of straightening. Curl power ;)
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