Are these sandals ugly?

medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
Or as my 4 year-old would say, hideous?

My feet have "issues" and it's really tough to find sandals. The choices for people like me are very limited to orthopedic shoes, it seems.

I found these Tevas in two colors and ordered them. They don't kill my feet and this color limits me in terms of what I can wear but if you saw these on someone's feet, would your first thought be, "fugly?"


  • WileE-DeadWileE-Dead Banned Posts: 24,963Banned Users
    lol @ fugly
    What color choices do you have?

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    I actually think they're cute.

    The straps look quite delicate which I think would really nice with a skirt or bermuda shorts.
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    I think they're ugly. Sorry. But if you have to go ugly, do it in red!
  • SpiderSpider Posts: 3,380Registered Users
    They look like kid's sandals. They're OK for adults, not my favorite but you have to have comfort so that trumps fashion :toothy7:

    Can you wear Easy Spirit? there are some cute sandals here

    This one looks really comfy! PG.ESBLUESKY.MEDNANU.VA.jpg
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  • YomYom Posts: 1,146Registered Users
    Yes, they are fugly!
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  • curlyarcacurlyarca Posts: 8,449Registered Users
    They're kind of ugly, but I can see how they'd grow on someone. The longer I look at them, the less ugly they seem.

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  • AmnerisAmneris Posts: 15,117Registered Users
    To me, yeah (the shiny red looks like a little girls' shoe) but I don't like flats and don't really like those types of straps. I don't think they're terrible though.

    If you have foot issues, check They have a variety of sandals there on sale. My aunt has really bad feet and we just ordered her a few pairs. Some of their shoes are ugly but some are really nice.
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  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users only has two colors in my size. Cocoa and these (Puffin Red). It's hard to tell from the picture, but the straps are water-resistant leather.

    So they look like kid shoes?

    Spider, those sandals are cute but I can't walk around in a wedge heel all day long. I've been looking at sandals for what seems like forever and I'm just becoming discouraged by the choices there are out there. I've tried Born, Sofft, Dansko and Easy Spirit. There are some cute styles in all of these lines but they either do something really odd to my foot or they just don't look good, once I take them out of the box.

    I'll keep looking, though. Thanks for the recommendation, Amneris.
  • yagottaloveyacurlsyagottaloveyacurls Posts: 5,766Registered Users
    I think they're kinda cute..
  • rileybrileyb Posts: 1,975Registered Users
    I think they kind of look like little kid shoes, too, but I think they are cuter than the Easy Spirits that Spider posted. Those are nana shoes.
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  • MunchyMunchy Posts: 5,206Registered Users
    Definitely nana.
  • M2LRTooM2LRToo Posts: 446Registered Users
    NOt bad, I do like them better than the Easy Spirit ones too.
  • realisticrealistic Posts: 2,222Registered Users
    I don't think they are as bad as everyone makes them out to be. This is a bad picture with the red insole showing. If it was a dark sandal and it was on a foot I think it would look good. Kind of a pseudo-gladiator sandal.
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  • LiveFreeDieCurlyLiveFreeDieCurly Posts: 183Registered Users
    rileyb wrote: »
    I think they kind of look like little kid shoes, too, but I think they are cuter than the Easy Spirits that Spider posted. Those are nana shoes.

    I agree--the brown shoes are definitely granny. The Tevas aren't hideous or fugly & if they are comfortable then I say wear them. I've definitely seen worse. (Crocs I'm looking at you!)
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  • Rebecca deWinterRebecca deWinter Posts: 2,254Registered Users
    i wouldn't call them ugly. i don't think i would want to wear them because they don't look like something i would wear, but i think sometimes you just need to try it on and see how it actually looks on your foot. sometimes really cute shoes look awful on my feet, and hideous ones look really good.
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  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
    If life were fair, I could wear these:


    I saw them on a good friend of mine. It was the first time I ever cursed my feet. :lol:
  • cyndicyndi Posts: 3,341Registered Users
    Yom wrote: »
    Yes, they are fugly!

    I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:
  • MarMar Posts: 3,003Registered Users
    I've seen worse....
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  • PeppyPeppy Posts: 3,290Registered Users
    They're not my style, but they're not bad. I think they would look better on a foot since you wouldn't see the red footbed.

    Amneris and I must be looking at two different things because they don't look shiny at all.

    The Easy Spirits look like something my grandma would wear. Wait. No she wouldn't.

    I love that last pair you posted!
  • SpunkyCurlsSpunkyCurls Posts: 1,523Registered Users
    rileyb wrote: »
    I think they kind of look like little kid shoes, too, but I think they are cuter than the Easy Spirits that Spider posted. Those are nana shoes.

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  • MistressM.MistressM. Banned Posts: 254Banned Users
    I like em. They look like a cross b/w Birkies and Clarks. I've never heard of Teva. I checked out their website and daaayum, the prices.

    I don't have foot problems but I'm on my feet a lot with work (we're allowed to wear sandals) so I need a comfy sandal. I've never gone wrong with Clarks. Birkies were like walking on cardboard to me, so very overrated. Those look like they've got some support like Clarks though. If they work for you, they're worth it, so get several pairs if you've got the green comin in. $100 for shoes would about put me under so I envy ya, gal.
  • wavycurly40+wavycurly40+ Posts: 2,017Registered Users
    I've seen much worse. They actually have more style/personality than a lot of the comfy leather walking sandals you see out there (Nana shoes, hippy-dippy shoes, camping-in-the-woods shoes, call em' what you will -- I see ugly sandals everywhere, on everyone).

    I think you should go for it. If you wear them with confidence and pizazz, they'll be just fine! And you gotta take care of your feet. Your 4-year-old will deal.

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  • SpunkyCurlsSpunkyCurls Posts: 1,523Registered Users
    MistressM. wrote: »
    I checked out their website and daaayum, the prices.

    They are worth it. Teva, Chaco, Reef all have sporty-type sandals with good support and they last FOREVER.
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  • Gemini13Gemini13 Posts: 5,000Registered Users
    I'd like them better with a solid brown or black sole, but overall I think they're cute.
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  • journotravelerjournotraveler Posts: 2,816Registered Users
    i think they're on the fug side... sorry.

    but if you have cute feet & a cute pedicure, you could pull it off.
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  • ArjaeArjae Posts: 412Registered Users
    I would prefer them in brown, but I think they look nice, actually. But, for some reason the textured part where you put your foot is kind of distracting, but since your foot will be on that when you wear, I don't think it matters. And the cork-looking sole looks a little strange. But, my final verdict is yes, I do like them. (But, you may want to disregard my advice, since I'm not exactly fashionable. Just ask anyone who knows me personally, lol!)
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  • fraufrau Posts: 6,130Registered Users
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    Yep, they're fugly and I'd fotally wear them.
  • SweetPicklesSweetPickles Posts: 850Registered Users
    medussa wrote: »
    If life were fair, I could wear these:


    I saw them on a good friend of mine. It was the first time I ever cursed my feet. :lol:
    You have my deepest sympathies Medussa. I have genetically screwed up feet, and I am also relegated to *sensible* shoes for the rest of my life (thanks Mom :evil:). My suggestion was going to be Dansko, but you've already tried those. I'm mostly a Birkenstock wearer these days.
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  • RunnerGirl_CristinaRunnerGirl_Cristina Posts: 131Registered Users
    I actually like them myself. I guess I'm in the minority lol.
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