Do antiaging products do anything?

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I read an article about more and more 20 year olds using anti aging products already to hopefully fight off or postpone aging. I'm 24 and I think the biggest thing I fear are crows feet, puffy/dark undereye circles and wrinkles.

I'm not going to go extreme but just a moisturizer with spf and perhaps something to fight the eye stuff. Any recs? Does this stuff really work? Do certain things work and some don't?
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    i think you really are best off being sure to use an spf moisturizer religiously. it's the best thing you can do at this age.

    eat well, get enough rest, stay hydrated, keep in shape, do yoga, and pay attention to what you put in your body.

    these are the things that i think have helped me stay looking younger than i am.

    i think anything else is kinda bunk, but that's just my feeling.

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    I agree with mayim. I'm 19 and I'm fortunate to have good aging genes (my mom is going to be 56 this year and she's constantly mistaken for a young 40-something), but I do take precautions to make sure I look and feel my best now and in the future.

    I use SPF 15 everyday and re-apply it if I have to, I only drink water since I get my fruit and stuff from real fruit, not juices, I take my multivitamin everyday, and do yoga once a week (all I have time for :lol:).

    There's also a line called SK II out of Japan for preventative and corrective aging. My mom recently started using it because it's very gentle on the skin, and very moisturizing. I use their moisturizer with SPF 15 because it's the only SPF moisturizer I've tried (and I've tried seemingly billions) that doesn't give me strange dry patches or little bumps. But don't get crazy about it, just take care of your body.
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    sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen - minimum of spf 30 year round if you have more daylight than i do here in Canada in the winter!

    and the best defense against crow's feet is LARGE dark sunglasses!

    trust me - most people place my age at early to mid-30s - 10 years or more younger than i am!
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    I think you know my position on this is the same as everyone above. It's all about the sunscreen and lifestyle. I've read that if someone protects their skin from the sun, the skin can actually reverse some of the sun damage; it can heal itself.

    I've seen huge differences on my husband's skin since I introduced him to daily sunscreen use. My own skin tends to be less oily and acne scarring heals quicker since I've become a regular sunscreen user.

    You can explore all the anti-aging products that you want, but without a good UVB/UVA sunscreen, your extra effort will be futile.

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