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i have 3*4in of hair and id like to get braid extensions for protective styling. the thing is, i have very fine, almost "babylike" hair. do you you think this would be a good idea considering my texture and the heaviness/texture of the extension hair? i dont want to experinece breakage, possible thinning of my hair...but i do want extenisons! please help
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    Hey Jenni--our hair is similar--mine seems a bit more coarse than yours but I still think that you can do braid exts. I had them for about a yr and my hair grew, grew, grew. However, that was about 10yrs ago and I don't know but it seems that braiders have gotten tighter and tighter with the braids because I've gotten them twice within the last 2yrs and both times I had to take them out because they were just too d.tight. So I what I suggest is that you make it very clear to the braider to take it easy. Don't waste your money like I did and not say anything. Speak up as your hair is braided and I think it will be fine.

    BTW I'm thinking about braids too, I'm on an island (not many if any salons for naturals) so I'm going to try to do them myself.

    Good luck...Let us know what you decide!
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    I agree w/hotmama23, as long as you make sure they don't braid it up too tight and keep them moisturized, they should be ok. I used to get braids a lot but I stopped because the 8+ hours in the chair drives me crazy. I never had breakage and I have some areas of my hair where the hair is finer or more 3ish than other areas.
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    i agree with everyone above..i would like to add that human hair from my experience is not as harsh on your natural hair as synthetic hair is... i used to have a braider who would only braid using human hair for this reason...but the flipside to that is it is waaaay more expensive...i ve been told it doesn't last as long but i think it depends on the style...when i had micros they lasted about 3 mos, so i got my money's worth...cornrows only about a month & a half...HTH :D
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    our textures are pretty similar, and i haven't had any problems with braid extensions and breakage. :) i think one of the main things is not to add too much extra hair. if i were you i would not get braids that drape down to your tailbone!!! :lol: probably no longer than right below the shoulders would be best... not too much stess on the hair, but still enough to vary up styles should you so desire.

    unless you get cornrows... those can be a little longer since most of the hanging extensions are in the back. :wink:
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