How can I prevent frizzing in this situation?:

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My hair is about shoulder length in the back, and whenever I'm wearing a jacket or scarf or basically any top, the ends of my hair rub against my top and frizz badly. I've tried extra gel and mouse and even hairspray. But nothing seems to help with the friction between my hair and clothing. :( Any ideas on how I can prevent this?
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    Hi there,

    I have that problem too so I know how you feel. Sometimes it seems like there's really no way to prevent it. The only thing that seems to work somewhat for me has been the DT treatment found in the CG handbook.

    some tablespoons of olive oil (depends on how much hair you have; I find I have to use a little more than what it says in the book because of how much hair I have and on account of my layers) and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Distribute through the ends, wrap hair in a disposable shower cap or some saran wrap and leave in hair for at least a half hour. Use the lemon juice rinse or whatever you use to clarify to get rid of oil. Don't overwash though! 8)
    HTH :)
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    an all-satin wardrobe? :P

    I've never noticed this on me or anyone else. I can't imagine. Do you move around a lot?

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    i have the same problem in the winter w/ certain sweaters. i noticed the ones made of acrylic create a lot of static on the hair that is in contact w/ the sweater.

    i've tried DT and that helps a bit, but i think it's just the winter weather combined w/ certain materials. i try to avoid buying acrylic now. i only have this problem in the winter.
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    Ohhh, I hate this. I have been known to tie a big silk scarf around my shoulders, when I was around the house. Its a little 80's, though, LOL. It sure helped when I was getting ready and my hair was still really wet.
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    Thanks everyone for the ideas! :D
    Wiry?, baby fine strands densely packed with different textures and curl diameters seemingly on each individual strand.

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