Mousse VS Gel?

rps23rps23 Posts: 53Registered Users
Which do you prefer to use? Can you rinse them out without needing to use shampoo? Thanks :)
Newly CG 2B/C

My hair loves Pantene Curl Mousse, Rich Conditioners
& Diffusing

Hates Curl Cream & Gel

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  • ArjaeArjae Posts: 412Registered Users
    I haven't had good success with either of them, so I don't really have a preference. But most people here use gel, as far as I know.
    They will rinse out without shampoo, depending on whether they have certain ingredients in them. For example, you would not want your gels or mousses to have anything ending in 'cone or 'xane. You would also want to avoid mineral oil, (although some people are able to get this out without a shampoo). If a cone has a PEG- in front of it, I'm pretty sure it means it is water soluble. For instance, the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel has PEG-12 dimethicone in it, but that is still CG, because it will come out without shampoo.
    This list is also very helpful:
    3A, medium fine. Currently avoiding shampoos, 'cones, 'xanes and sulfates. Hair length - a bit beyond BSL. Mostly CG since July 2, 2008.oregonian_showersmile.gif
  • rps23rps23 Posts: 53Registered Users
    Thanks that helped a lot. I think I prefer mousse because my hair doesn't have enough volume and mousse makes it nice and full. With gel it just hangs there..
    Newly CG 2B/C

    My hair loves Pantene Curl Mousse, Rich Conditioners
    & Diffusing

    Hates Curl Cream & Gel

    Growing to BSL


  • ChatulChatul Posts: 21Registered Users
    Usually I don't use styling products. But if I do, I use gel. Because mousse gives me nothing or damages my hair. Gel makes them more curly but also after "gelling" they're not as pretty as without gel.
    But every hair likes something different.
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  • AlliyAlliy Posts: 73Registered Users
    I use mousse only because I find that it really helps to give my curls definition and hold without getting them crunchy or frizzy. The gell-y, scrunching method tends to leave me with a lot of frizz. It really all depends, though.
    2Cish hair
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  • ponygirlcurtisponygirlcurtis Posts: 29Registered Users
    I like Mousse, and Styling Cream. Sometimes I even use a little of both. And Aussie mousse/ Leave-in-conditioner, isn't sticky! I hate trying to rinse the product off your hands!
    Lovin My Curls!
    Currently Using,:occasion9: Suave Coconut Conditioner, and Aussie Mousse+leave-in-conditioner. Working Well!
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  • curlyeddicurlyeddi Posts: 5Registered Users
    i like mousse better because
    it doesn't leave my hair as
    hard and stiff and it gets really
    nice volume :blob7:
  • CantFightCurlsCantFightCurls Posts: 88Registered Users
    ive used both before. i think mousse is better, but i dont use it. gel is bad for your hair (especially if it has alchol or you use it in cold weather) and it leaves hair hard, stiff, and crusty. i prefer my hair soft. Mousse however doesnt give me enough curl definition even though it smells delicious! :happy7: i think you should try styling products like creams. then you can have the best of both worlds. :thumbleft:
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  • Rebecca 1995Rebecca 1995 Posts: 118Registered Users
    i like gel cause i have thick hair and mousse doesn't give me any hold (or definition). i like herbal essences set me up gel and herbal essences totally twisted gel.
    Hair type: 2c - 3b!! o and its thick =]]

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    -John Frieda Daily Nourishment leave-in conditioning spray
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  • shawneebecoolshawneebecool Posts: 90Registered Users
    rps23 wrote: »
    Thanks that helped a lot. I think I prefer mousse because my hair doesn't have enough volume and mousse makes it nice and full. With gel it just hangs there..

    true with some people gel tends to do that.

    i use mousse sometimes for really ddefined curls and gel for hold. and since my hair is coarse-ish and really thick, it doesnt go limp when i use gel.
    supposedly 2c/3a.
    very thick,almost waistlength hair when straight, but around midback length when curly.
    just a girl trying to figure her hair out /: lol.

    turned CG- 2/17/09
    wish me luck ;)

    2/27/09- taking a break from CG ... doing mod CG for a little to see the effects on my hair, so that i can compare and expiriment and see what my hair likes and doesnt like

    i havent found a good routine yet or any HG products.
  • SpeedGoddessSpeedGoddess Posts: 118Registered Users
    BOTH!!! It's like amazingness for my curls.

    Herbal Essences Set Me Up Mousse and LaBella Curl Gel on top of that. I only scrunch in the gel. I comb the mousse through with my fingers. Leaves my curls really wingy and bouncy.

    Both of those products are CG by the way. I have outlawed 'cones and sulphates.

    Hair type: 3B

    CG since: Dec '08

    (Johnson&Johnson No More Tears Shampoo when need help with build-up), Suave Naturals condish, leave some in, LaBella Gel, then out the door!

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  • curlyandproud124112curlyandproud124112 Posts: 49Registered Users
    I like mousse because it doesn't weigh down my hair. Gel makes my hair sticky and frizzy. But thatcould also just be me.
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    Products: Redken ringlet 07, It works perfectly! a match made in heaven

    I LOVE being curly!
  • j-jill. j-jill. Posts: 147Registered Users
    I've never used gel before, but people say that it leaves your hair crunchy and hard, and I don't want that.
    I use mousse sometimes, if I want my hair to get really curly, and if I want my hair wavy-ish, then I won't put anything in.
    Hair Type: 2b/2c (:

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