help - wedding hair ideas?

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My hair's just past shoulder length when dry, down to bra strap when wet and combed out. I'd like to have it pulled back, off the shoulders, and fairly close to the head, but still show off the curls. Does anyone have any tips or ideas, or better yet, pictures? (The only pictures I've seen in the cheesy bride mags are straight hair or teased out 'fros.) And can anyone recommend someone in the Tahoe area (or in Reno) who would really know how to handle a curly hair updo?


  • CurlEEEECurlEEEE Posts: 308Registered Users
    This site has some good ones:
    3A/3B (not really sure)/No Shampoo/Conditioner Only/Honey/Aussie Volumizer+condish/Biolage Gel/Plop/Diffuse/Spritz of Bed Head Maxxed Out
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    try a clip back do ,so the curls fall out of the side but its still out off your face and looks really glamourous
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    I get a really pretty up do when I take hair from underneath and pin it the top with bobby pins. I start at the nape of my neck and take a section from each side and pull up pin ends on top of my hed then I move up a little above the nape and take two sections again and pin at the top after I get it all pined if you can see the pins I take a little pit of hair and pull it over the pins and then pin that. Man that sounds confusing but it's really pretty. I wish I would of come up with this before my wedding I guess if you need me to descripe it better just let me know and I will try. Congrats on the wedding by the way
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    I used "baby's breath" in my best friends wedding last week. It looked cute tucked in my curls.
    "Eventually I knew what my hair wanted. It wanted to be itself. To be left alone by anyone, including me, who did not love it as it was."
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    Have have 3b curly hair and for my wedding I wore it down with just the sides twisted back with a few ringlets coming down at my sideburns. I put a few small white flowers in my hair to accent my curls! This worked best for me and all my friends recommended against putting my trademark curls all up for my wedding.

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