Any Conditioner Can Be A Deep Conditioner, Right?

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As long as it's on the hair for a period of time and heat may or may not be used? And what's the purpose of a hair masque? Does it act in the same way as a deep conditioner?
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  • An AkashaAn Akasha Registered Users Posts: 175
    I think so. I use my regular conditioner as a deep conditioner when I leave it on longer and use a heating cap.
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    Same as An Akasha. Unless you're doing something special, like a protein deep conditioning treatment, I think you can use a regular conditioner. I use Natures Gate Conditioners as deep treatments. I bought a so called "deep conditioner" from Sallys and it wasn't that great. You may want to purchase a conditioner that has very moisturizing ingredients in it to use a regular conditioner and deep treatment, and just leave it in longer and use heat when you deep condition.
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    I use my regular conditioners for deep conditioning all the time, but I do "soup them up" by adding coconut oil, honey and avocado oil to make them richer. Although it's not necessary, I generally add heat (Excpet in the summer time) to increase moisture uptake. :)
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