ladies what conditioner(s) are you using for CW?

growingitlonggrowingitlong Registered Users Posts: 122
I am currently using Vo5 sunkissed raspberry but would like to try something different.

thanks in advance


  • travelgirltravelgirl Registered Users Posts: 71
    I'm currently using Aussie Moist Conditioner and V05 Strawberries and Cream. Next, on my list to try is Suave and White Rain.
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  • CheleighCheleigh Registered Users Posts: 552
    I use whatever I have on hand and I combine conditioners--seems like last time I mixed:
    -VO5 Strawberries & Cream
    -Suave Awapuhui (sp)
    -Suave 2-min. deep conditioner
    -Aussie Moist
    -Olive Oil

    It will be different when I wash tonight, because I'm out of the 2-min and almost out of the aussie moist.
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  • jcce23jcce23 Registered Users Posts: 91
    I really like Suave conditioners for my CO Washes (Tropical Coconut, Milk and Honey, Humectant). 8)
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  • growingitlonggrowingitlong Registered Users Posts: 122
    ladies thanks SO much for replying! making a list and will buy 2 or 4 at a time to try them out. thanks again ladies.
  • =~ohura~==~ohura~= Registered Users Posts: 255
    In my bath right now I have

    various Aubre Organics
    Avalon clarifying with lemon
    Giovanni Tea Trea
    Suave Milk & Honey
    Afro Sheen
    Salon Selectives
    Do a better job of covering your stinky aliass.

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