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I have three kids. My hair has always bounced back, until this last baby. The second the hormones kicked in I looked awful dry, itchy, flaky scalp so bad that I would wake up scratching it. Second day hair intensely greasy. Frizzy, dry, poofy hair. I assumed it would get better after the baby arrived, but it didn't. I was SO unhappy and I searched for 18 months for a solution. then I came here and heard for the first time about co-washing. I told a friend and she cheered me on, 'what can it hurt. just document it for me' :)
So I am. I've only used it three days so far and it's like a new world. All of it is fixed. looks like it was the shampoo!!
My before and after pictures are amazingly different. I love this forum FOREVER for giving me my hair back!


1St day:

After:(forgive the dark, it's a muggy wet dreary day)


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    WOW! Congrats! Your curls are so pretty :)
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    Wow! That is a remarkable difference in only 3 days!

    Your hair is beautiful.
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    Ok. I. love. your. hair. :love10:
  • MeroluniMeroluni Posts: 8Registered Users
    I have been practically shouting from the roof tops. i used baking soda to clarify today and it worked so well. My hair isn't as shiny as it was, but it's still soft and no itch. Why couldn't I have found this years ago and saved myself from trying so many brands and spending so much on shampoo, conditioner and the matching styling stuff?
    Thank you all for the compliments, it's so nice to hear that for a change, lol, it wasn'texactly something I heard often ion the last couple of years.
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    You've got so beautiful curls!
    I apologize for the somewhat poor English. I'm from Poland so my home language is polish, not english.
    I'm a wegetarian.
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    Your hair is beautiful !! :)

    Do you co-wash everyday ? Which products do you use ? (to co-wash and after)
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    Adele wrote: »
    Your hair is beautiful !! :)

    Do you co-wash everyday ? Which products do you use ? (to co-wash and after)
    No doubt! Please share with us! Your hair is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    used to have curls, now it's consistently just waves...
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    Your hair is beautiful, especially in the third picture!
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    wow... I don't think there's any other word for it. Beautiful!
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    WOW gorgeous!..
    however im not understanding what you did to make it look so fabulous
    could u please message me or post..
    exactly what you did.. with detail...
    please :)
  • justa.grrljusta.grrl Posts: 85Registered Users
    Oooh preeeties! :occasion5:

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