coloring for cg?

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I get my hair highlighted periodically, but I've never done it while being CG. I'll be the first to admit that my colorist is by no means an expert on curly hair, but she's inexpensive and she does a good job. However, every time she combs out my hair to do the highlights and then shampoos and conditions it afterwards. After she's done I have to take another shower to de-poof it and it takes a few days for my hair to calm down from being so clean!

Does anyone get highlights done in a more cg friendly way? I'm going in Tuesday and could use some pointers.



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    I just get highlights too.

    My stylist combs my hair but he doesn't shampoo or condition (unless I remember to take some with me). He just rinses out the colour. Even when I wasn't CG he didn't shampoo though. Wouldn't that take the colour back off? (Yes it's probably a dumb question.)
    You should be able to leave your hair wet and style your hair at home if that's what you want.

    I am, however, a sucker for an occasional blowout and he is SO good at it that I always get one after my highlights.

    It lets me see how much it's grown in 3 or 4 months and makes me feel like a ROCK STAR!!
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