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I hope I don't depress any of you, but I'm 47 and still fighting my frizz!

Please teach an old lady new tricks and tell me how you have "graded" (2B, 3B) your type hair? I figured it would be under "profile", but that just seems to pertain to user name.

My hair is thick, thick, thick and dry. I shave my neck up about 1-1/2 inches to keep it from being so nappy. I have discovered that Paul Mitchell's foaming pomade with L'Oreal's Springing Curls does wonders for me, but I can't take the alcohol in the mousse, so am looking for another product. A magazine recently suggested a gel spritzer for curl definition. Any suggestions?


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    Hi! You and I don't seem to have the same hair type, so I can't really recommend anything...but if you post this message under "General Discussions about Curly Hair" (very first board, can't miss it) you'll probably get a LOT of feedback!

    Hope this helps!

    And it's always great to have another curly around!
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    Welcome! For hair type info, go here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/Hairtypes/hairtypes.html

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