What to do outdoors?

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It feels like summer is passing me by! What are some good, fun things to do outside?

Parks, amusement parks, hiking, biking, swimming, what else?
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    Not sure where you live...or if any of these things might be close...

    - There are a lot of state and county fairs going on now.

    - Or go pick your own berries, flowers, peaches, etc. I did this a few weeks ago, and then made lots of blackberry cobbler, smoothies, etc.

    - Tubing - always fun on a hot day.

    - Picnic

    - Fishing
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    Well so far this summer I went to a picnic a BBQ and another random outdoor party, went to the dog park, went to the pool and the water park, ran through the sprinklers, cruised around on my bike, ate breakfast/lunch/dinner at restaurants that have outdoor patios, went shopping at an outdoor bazaar, went to the beach...

    There's probably more but I just got a mental block.
    I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.
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    we like to go canoeing.. we've just recently started playing disc golf..

    go to park, enjoy the grass.. play on the swings.. play frisbee..

    go skating or roller blading..
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    River rafting!!
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    I feel the same way! We kept planning to go to various neighborhood festivals, but the weather wasn't so good. You guys have some good ideas there. I wish I could do them all!

    I finally got down to the lakefront this past Friday, and it was wonderful. We didn't swim, but just enjoyed the park and the water and the breeze coming off of Lake Michigan...

    This weekend, we're planning to go to a neighborhood festival (Greek fest).

    Also, we're planning to go to the zoo.

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    - Hiking ( this will continue during fall)
    - swim on a river --fun fun! I love it so much more than the beach for its warm water and shade!
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    It's so hard to do anything outside here in the summer. It's just too hot. I did spend all yesterday at the lake, boating & swimming.
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    It's hotter than all get out here, but we still manage to go to local festivals/fairs, outdoor music events, the botanical gardens, fishing, etc. We also barbecue with my husband's family and our friends at least once a month, and we all just sit outside and eat and drink and listen to tejano and mariachi music.

    We've also been to Gruene and Fredericksburg just to walk around and see what there is to see.

    My theory on hot weather is to a) wear sunscreen, b) drink lots and lots of water during the day and beer in the evening, and c) realize that EVERYONE is sweating their arses off, not just you. :D

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    playing various sports, having a picnic, (someone else mentioned) going fishing, kayaking, bird and wildlife watching, exploring someplace you've never been before..
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    If I don't have anything active to do outside, I love to just sit on my deck and read.

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  • KrazyblondegurlKrazyblondegurl Posts: 1,008Registered Users
    After such a long miserable winter, one really has to appreciate this nice warm weather...

    So I like to:

    Sit on the front porch at night with a glass of wine

    Sit on the back deck and read or eat or chat

    Walk the dog at various parks

    Kayaking (I haven't done this yet, but buying one for next summer now that we're living next to a lake).

    Bike Rides

    Jet Skiing (too bad we sold ours recently)

    Outdoor concerts

    Go to the swimming pool!!


    Baseball games

    Iowa State Fair!!!!! ;)

    I love summer