Who Else Gets 'The Look'?

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I feel that since I became 100% natural, I get a certain look from other black women. I can't really describe the look I constantly get but I feel as though I'm being judged and sized up and down. Anyone else get this type of look? It's almost like they're saying 'Who am I to have natural hair?'
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    I've gotten all types of looks. Some of curiosity, and them some that stare and then tell the person they're walking with, while pointing, "I want my hair to look like that!" This actually happened on Xmas day.

    Some are probably thinking that I need to run a comb through my hair, too. :roll:

    I tend to notice the stares, but I haven't really noticed the "who do you think YOU are" stares. I could care less, anyway. Obviously my hair MUST look good if they're wasting their time thinking about what they think I should be doing with it. :wink:
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  • msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658
    LOL, the staring doesn't really bother me but I'd like to know why they're staring. I was taught that it's rude to stare at others so I'm not familier with it. I didn't really notice the looks when I was relaxed.
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  • jazzijenni81jazzijenni81 Registered Users Posts: 529
    i know exactly what you mean! sistas assume i have a texturizer, so i dont get the "look" until after i confirm i dont! we all know how that goes though :roll:
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    When I'm rocking my wash and go or twist out, I get looks all the time, and I'm assuming they're positive because people that I know compliment me and ask for hair advice. I want so badly to tell those that stare that you too have this underneath all of the chemicals so let them go:!:
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    I have gotten that look one way or another my whole life. And it used to aggravates me. Who cares now.

    I work in a place that I am the only black woman so I dont get that too much anymore. When I do go to the mall or go shopping, I could care less anymore. I am free and natural now. It looks good because it is mine and not permed.
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    Yes, everyday. But I attribute it to the fact that my hair is different, and whenever I go out someone with compliment me on my hair, asking how do I get it like that, or who does it? I'm flattered, because it's never a negative look!
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  • cheleskilove1968cheleskilove1968 Registered Users Posts: 7
    I get it and feel proud when I do. It's like I'm exposing THEIR dirtly lil' secret(shhhh we're african under there).

    It also screams that I'm being real..and your not.

    To be fair,I do get looks of interest..those are the future nappies that are just gathering their information!
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  • TroDousTroDous Registered Users Posts: 241
    I get looks but I don't really pay as much attention. I know folks are trying to figure out if it's real...especially when I wear a pony/puff. But other than that I don't think it's bad...to be honest, I don't really notice as much.
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