Comb Or Hands?

msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658
If you wear box braids or braidouts, do you use a comb or your hands to unravel the braids?
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  • DocDoc Registered Users Posts: 367
    A comb doesn't touch my hair unless it's wet and loaded with conditioner and after detangling with my fingers first :)
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  • naturalstarnaturalstar Registered Users Posts: 6
    i have found through trial and error that my hair doesnt like combs. it's tolerant if i use conditioner, but it still doesnt like them. sometimes it's friendly w/ brushes. (shoulder shrug)
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  • PsychePsyche Registered Users Posts: 90
    I voted hands. I don't even use a comb after I remove extensions.

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