Needing a Little Wavy Hair Support

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Sorry, this is long!

My hair was doing so good about 3 weeks ago. I started an experiment with using just a tiny bit of conditioner and not gel scrunched into my hair. I have not used any drug store type (Suave) conditioners since then but conditioned and deep conditioned a couple of times with AOHR and using TJ Refresh most of the time. My hair looked great for about 2 weeks, frizz free, decent waves, and 2nd day hair. But in the last week and especially since Wednesday, MY HAIR IS FREAKING OUT!! Wednesday it turned frizzy. Thursday, it was frizzy and felt coated. So this morning I rinsed really well with ACV and used gel. AAAAAAHHHHHH, it was AWFUL! I used the best gel I have found for me since going CG a year ago (GF Super Stiff). My hair was stringy, limp, frizzy and horrid. I went to get my haircut this afternoon and of course I am too nice to request to not use their cone-laden awful stuff; so she washed with sulfate, conditioned with cones, and then put in anti-frizz cone serum then blow-dried it straight! IT LOOKED EVEN WORSE! Even my six year old said it looked funny! So I came home, washed it with clarifying shampoo twice, rinsed lemon juice and water through it, and am now deep conditioning with [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink]. I hope this helps! It is my 12th wedding anniversary Sunday and I don't want to look like the Wicked Witch of the West!!!!

Please send some good hair vibes my way!! Thanks!


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    When I was first reading your post, I was thinking buildup ... so the sulfate shampoo may not have been as bad for you as it would normally be. It'll have clarified it for you. You may have dried it out some if you clarified again.

    Hopefully a DT will get you back on track.

    The other thing you may want to look at is over conditioned or protein sensitivity posts. I don't know alot about either, because I haven't experienced it ... but I know it can cause some crazy behaving hair ...and usually a lot of frizz. You would likely find more about it under the general discussion board. Or just do a search on the threads.

    Good luck ... sending good hair vibes your way :)
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    More good vibes coming your way!
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    More good vibes! My hair does that, too. Just try things; I expect you'll figure out the reason or your hair will just get over it for some reason that you won't understand. (I've started to believe that hair goes through temperamental phases, just like us!)

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    Thanks, everyone! I let the TooShea sit in my hair overnight and this morning even before I showered, my hair felt softer. It felt amazing in the shower. I almost didn't try the CV shampoo bar, but I could not wait another day for that. Well, other than having a heart attack about how short the beautician cut my bangs, my hair is on the mend-a little undefined but not as much frizz and very soft. Tomarrow should be better. Good thing we decided to go rafting to celebrate our anniversary and not out to dinner. It will be a ponytail and spitting cherry pits instead! :wink:

    Yes, I think it probably was buildup of some kind. I am not sure if my hair just does not like AOHR or maybe FOTE. I used both in the last couple of weeks. FOTE never really does much for me, but every once in a while I try again. I used an Aubrey Organics facial cleanser and moisturizer on my face two or three years ago. It took three months to clear the acne it caused! I try to avoid as much protein as I can as well, but a little sneaks in here and there.