Domestic Phone Tapping and Email Tracking

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    Not ok with this, especially since there is evidence to suggest that the spying is going way beyond known Al-Qaida connections.
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    Every president since FDR has wiretapped...

    In WWII, they even opened the soldiers' mail that was going home.

    This is war ain't a game. The few false positives are far outweighed by the catching of operatives who wanted to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge.

    My roommate's father, along with millions of Americans, drive across the Brooklyn bridge every day. I, along with most of America, am GRATEFUL that we wiretap Al Quaeda allies.,2933,171340,00.html

    As a reminder:

    Clinton/Gore Administration Used Warrantless Searches:

    Clinton Administration Deputy Attorney General Jamie S. Gorelick: "(T)he Department Of Justice Believes, And The Case Law Supports, That The President Has Inherent Authority To Conduct Warrantless Physical Searches For Foreign Intelligence Purposes And That The President May, As Has Been Done, Delegate This Authority To The Attorney General." (Deputy Attorney General Jamie S. Gorelick, Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence, U.S. House Of Representatives, Testimony, 7/14/94)

    In 1994, President Clinton Expanded The Use Of Warrantless Searches To Entirely Domestic Situations With No Foreign Intelligence Value Whatsoever. In A Radio Address Promoting A Crime- Fighting Bill, Mr. Clinton Discussed A New Policy To Conduct Warrantless Searches In Highly Violent Public Housing Projects." (Charles Hurt, "'Warrantless' Searches Not Unprecedented," The Washington Times, 12/22/05)

    "One Of The Most Famous Examples Of Warrantless Searches In Recent Years Was The Investigation Of CIA Official Aldrich H. Ames, Who Ultimately Pleaded Guilty To Spying For The Former Soviet Union. That Case Was Largely Built Upon Secret Searches Of Ames' Home And Office In 1993, Conducted Without Federal Warrants." (Charles Hurt, "'Warrantless' Searches Not Unprecedented," The Washington Times, 12/22/05)

    President Bill Clinton: "(T)he Attorney General Is Authorized To Approve Physical Searches, Without A Court Order, To Acquire Foreign Intelligence Information For Periods Of Up To One Year ..." (President Bill Clinton, Executive Order 12949, "Foreign Intelligence Physical Searches," 2/9/95)

    Just a reminder.......that the executive branch's power regarding foreign intelligence is far reaching (especially during times of war and attack), and has been in use for a long long time.


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