Taking the plunge :P

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Hello all!

I'll come right out and say it, normally on forums like these I'm strictly a lurker. But everyone seems to friendly and I just have SO many questions, I had to join XD

I've never gone 'no poo', though I've always been a big believer in only shampooing my hair once or twice a week. After several years of this though, my hair's just gotten to the point that it's dry and frizzy and no where near as pretty as it could be. It has its moments where the curls are perfect and there's not a hair out of place... but on the other side of things, there are days when i just have to bundle it back in a ponytail to control the frizz. I'm really hoping the CG method will give it some consistency, and prevent this dry/brittle/frizzy/ick rut that i seem to be stuck in.

That being said though, I literally have NO idea where to start... if anyone has any suggestions as far as routines/products/methods, i'd REALLY appreciate it. I have fairly course, thick hair that tends to frizz (though I think this is mostly just from a lack of moisture... it hasn't always been as bad as it is right now). The weird thing about it though, is that when I straighten it with an iron, it's actually pretty smooth and silky. Very changeable, my hair...

I THINK I'm a 3a... but if you could take a look at the pics below and let me know, that'd be cool too :)

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    Hello and welcome!

    Looks like 3A to me with maybe a bit of 2 thrown in to making things interesting. :)

    There are a few "routine" type threads on the go the past few days in general, 2 and I think there was one in 3A.

    If you're interested in going Curly Girl and giving up the cones and sulphates, there's a really good Sticky on the Going Shampoo-less.

    There is SO much information on this site it is mind boggling.

    If you have questions, it usually works well to post them in either your hair type or general forums.

    Glad you decided to come out of the shadows. :lurk:
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    Welcome to NC!! Glad you came outta lurking!

    I agree with whatsercurl, 3a with some 2c mixed in

    Here is a wonderful thread with all sorts of links that will help you get well on your way

    You have beautiful hair btw :thumright:
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    Welcome! We're so glad you've de-lurked!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!