Bare Minerals Makeup-LipGloss,Mascara-- Has anyone tried?

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Hi Curlies,

I just bought some honey bisque...liking it so far.

A friend just sent me tinted mineral veil. Do i use this after I apply the bisque, then the foundation? What about if i want to use the warmth?

Lipglosses: has anyone tried these? I interested in 2 of the new colors:
Warm Radiance (golden bronze) and Clear Radiance (sheer translucent glow). Texture, taste, endurance?

Escentual Quick Sticks with sharpner: Texture, taste, endurance?

Magic Wand Brushless Mascara:
Clumpy eyelashes? Smudges? More control than a brush? Nice eyelashes?

Thanks for any advice or tips!
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    I just purchased a BE kit today and just finished watching the how-to DVD. 8) As far as the order of applying the products, they recommend applying concealer (which would be Bisque, I think), foundation, Warmth (apply where the sun would give your face a touch of color: cheeks, nose, forehead, chin), and Mineral Veil as the finishing touch.

    As far as the other products go, I haven't tried any of them that you're interested in. However, I highly recommend the Glimmer. They are the most beautiful, sparkly eyeshadows!

    Hope that helps! :D
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    I use the Bare Minerals and the untinted Mineral Veil and love them. The mineral veil is basically for setting the makeup and absorbing oil, so you use it last. I originally got the tinted mineral veil when I went to the store and they did my makeup there, but I found the extra tint to be too much, especially if I reapplied later in the day, so I went and bought the untinted and I love it. The only other thing I really use is their blush, so can't help you with the other stuff.

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  • ZinniaZinnia Posts: 7,339Registered Users
    Makingmymark and squishymatter,
    Thanks for the tips on how to use the mineral veil.
    I have decided not to try the wandless mascara.
    Life shrinks or expands according to one's courage. Anais Nin

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