My daughter's hair-

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Hello all, I am really hoping that someone can give me some insight on what sort of cut to give my daughter.
She has shoulder length hais and I think it's is somewhere between a 3b and 3c.
She is biracial but doesn't have the little spiral / corscrew curls. He hair is just veyr thing, frizzy and she pulls it back in the very same ponytail at the nape of her neck everyday!
I want to give her a cute cut (she is 10) but I am afraid it's just going to make her head look like a big mushroom!
I am going to try and add a picture of her on here.
I am thinking of getting long layers in it because when I flip her head over to comb it out, it looks so nice (funny huh) but it has shorter layers at the top and then gets longer as it goes down. But then we flip her head back over and that's that....
She has a bob right now and bangs which she hates.
I hope someone can give a suggestion!!
The first picture you can kind of see her thick hair from her ponytail, the next picture is a blurring close up (self portrait) but you can see the texture of her bangs, which is the texture of the rest of her hair.


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    Hi NansMom,

    I can sympathise with you, its so hard to decide whats best to do, could you possibly post another picture so we can see the length of her hair?
    What products are you using on her hair at the moment? (eg shampoo, conditioner leave-in)

    My daughter is 5 and although she has totally differant hair to yours it is very frizzy and difficult to style or do anything with and I took her to the hairdressers a couple of months ago and they layered it a bit too short :sad8:
    If she had layers cut in do you think this would enhance her curl?
    Have you tried the CG routine with her hair? this may help her hair curl and cut down on the frizz, I'm currently only co-washing my daughters hair with silocone free conditioner (at the moment inecto coconut -run out of jessicurl) and using a leave in ([buylink=]Kinky curly Knot Today[/buylink]) her hair is slowly improving but I know it will take time.
    Hope this helps :wink:
    Trying to work out my 5 year olds 2c fine frizzy/curly hair

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    Password; curlygirl

    Loving KBB and Kinky Curly!! :love7::
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    Hi - what a cute pic. It's hard to tell from that picture, but like mumofcurlygirl said, she may just need to go CG & use more leave-in products. I have spiral curls now, but my hair was pretty much the big mushroom through most of elementary school.

    The best cut I've gotten was a deva cut. They left the length alone, but cut it dry so that the curls fell correctly, and also suggested products/treatment/styling. If you were interested, there's a website to find local salons at /home/leaving?" class="Popup (I found one near me based on recommendations in the stylist/salon forum here, since it seems like their qualitiy varies.) I hope she finds a great back-to-school cut! :)

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    You are beautiful!