Fairy Tales

souffouesouffoue Registered Users Posts: 21
Has anyone used this brand for their children? If so, what did you like or dislike about it? Thanks!
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  • hunnybeemayhunnybeemay Registered Users Posts: 75
    I've used Fairy Tales myself, the curl gel, and I really liked it. I believe it is CG friendly, though I don't do CG myself. Probably the only thing I didn't like was the price since it's @ $12 here. I thought it was a good lightweight gel with a good amount of control. I would recommend it.
  • InissantAngelInissantAngel Registered Users Posts: 173 Curl Connoisseur
    I use the Fairy Tales leave-in as well as the Curly Q Curl Gel for my daughter. I love them both. The gel I've found is very light weight although other curlies found it to have a medium hold, either way it's perfect for my toddler. The leave-in gives enough moisture enough without weighing her fine hair down.
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