this website is highly recommended

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I first heard of this wonderful website from another discussion board--topic: simplifying the beauty routines while traveling through Europe for "high-maintenance" women (and some of us curlyheads are definitely that). One of the things that has most impressed me is the supportive attitude expressed by the participants towards one another. We seem to cut across all manner of racial/econo/geographical you-name-it-we're-part-of-it lines, and the tone of this board is just so helpful! I couldn't seem to accept my curly hair until I reached 35, anad I think that the birth of my first child and the resulting time crunch for everything, including hair care, had something to do with it. I'm in my late forties, and now I just love my hair and wouldn't trade it. I just wish that there had been something like this available when I was in my teens and ironed my hair and tried to sleep in those beer-can sized rollers to make my hair straighter so I could feel that I fit in. Hair care products now getting better and better--curlies have never had it so good, and this website is like frosting on the cake. I'm looking forward to getting white, frizzy/curly hair when I get older--and I'll wear it as long as I want to.....and the color purple, too!


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    Thanks for the great note, and welcome!
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