acv in co-wash?

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Hi all,
I'm wondering if instead of doing an acv rinse i could put a half teaspoon in with my conditioner when I co-wash once every other week or so? has anyone tried this or is there a good reason it won't work? May be a ridiculously bad idea, but I thought I would throw it out there, cuz this is all new to me and I'm all for making my routine as simple as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice!!


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    I've never tried it but you can do lemon with conditioner so it might work.
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    I'm resurrecting this thread in hope of a few more responses :) It has also occurred to me to try mixing some ACV in with a CO wash conditioner because I have dandruff from time to time and don't want to have to use shampoo, especially not a dandruff shampoo! I thought that if the ACV changes the pH of the conditioner it might be more suitable for my scalp.

    Has anyone tried this?
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    Ive done something like this before except I added brown sugar and baking soda to the mix as well in an attempt to make my own cleansing conditioner. I don't have dandruff so I can't say if it would help with that or not but my hair and scalp were definitely clean after using it and it didn't dry my hair out. hth
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    I do this. It helps if you are co washing any oil treatment from your hair. My question is can I add a few tbsp of vinegar to my co washing conditioner bottle. Will the conditioner go bad? My conditioner is a bit thick. I like watering it down with a bit of vinegar

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