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I am finally joining.:blob7: I have been lurking for a few months now and all of your advice has transformed my curls. I got a deva cut in April and it was awesome. I am still having trouble with products because I do not live near enough to a deva salon to get them that often and I found I went through the ANgel really quickly, I live really close to walmart and target so I am looking forthings I can find there.
I am 3b with medium textured non porus hair. I frizz alot especially in the back.
Thanks again for all of the great advice:toothy7:


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    Hi and welcome!! :iconbiggrin:
    3a. My hair does what it wants.. currently waiting for BKT treatment to go away.

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    We're so glad you've de-lurked!

    We're happy to ship you your Deva! Just check out CurlMart!

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    You are beautiful!