haircut help plz!!!

cinnabunn0805cinnabunn0805 Posts: 21Registered Users
i'm pretty sure my hair is 3b and im going to get a haircut soon. ive been dying for a change, but not too sure wat i can do with my hair!! i was thinking bangs, but i'm not sure how they'll look with my hair and face shape. i wouldnt mind straightening the bangs, but i also think curly bangs look really cute (but im not sure how theyll turn out on me!!!).
Here's some pics:



btw, i usually get it thinned because it is soooooo big. in these pics it doesnt look that way, beacuse i let it dry in pigtails.

any suggestions???


  • curlygirl1995curlygirl1995 Posts: 48Registered Users
    well i've heard that thinning it makes it bigger

    i think u would look cute with side bangs.
    maybe layers?!?!?

    but dont cut it short. let it grow long. that'd be SO pretty on you.

  • cinnabunn0805cinnabunn0805 Posts: 21Registered Users
    i was definitely gonna grow it, but not uber long. i was thinking side bangs too. and my stylist told me layers wasnt an option for me cuz it would make my hair "triangular". True? False?
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    You are absolutely beautiful! Those eyes are KILLER!

    I hope they're not using thinning shear to thin your hair. Those things are the devil's work. :shock:

    Seriously though, if you put some layers in you may get the thinning you are looking for and some sideswept bangs. That's what I went with although my hair isn't quite as curly as yours.

    Layers will make you pyramid if not done correctly. You'll end up with shelves that look like an aztec pyramid. If that's what your stylist is telling you, you may want to find a new one as they're probably not versed in cutting curly hair.
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  • cinnabunn0805cinnabunn0805 Posts: 21Registered Users
    i wish i could get a new stylist but unfortunately my mom is the one who takes me and weve been going to the same place forever. i rlly trust the stylist, just not with layers. anyone have pictures of layers done right?
  • SoftballT3SoftballT3 Posts: 15Registered Users
    I'VE BEEN NEEDING THE SAME ADIVCE!!! im getting my hair cut soon and my hairs not quite as curly as yours but i was thinking about a sideswept bang and my hair is already in layers (but they don't look triangular) so i think u should go for it!! im going to do it!!!:compress:
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