light mountain henna vs. cassia

miggy0801miggy0801 Registered Users Posts: 26
Would using Light Mountain Henna in the clear/neutral shade be the same as using cassia? The main ingredient is cassia ( I know some say the quality isn't as good as cassia from body art quality henna sites, but then thats form the people selling it, so would like to hear others opinions.

I've used the Light Mountain Henna in the neutral and it really didn't make any changes in my hair. I've went through 5 boxes, and my hair looks pretty much the same, no shine or anything. Do you think it would be worth it try the pure cassia or would it be a waste of money?


  • elanielani Registered Users Posts: 3
    i have been wondering the same thing. i noticed that the first day or two after treatment with light mountain neutral my hair is really frizz free...but i think thats where the buck stops unfortunately. i tried to buy some cassia from one of those henna sites but the minimum order size was 2 kg so i backed out of that fast. i mean i dont want to spend 60$ on this, i just wanna try it out.

    to be honest, i suspect that no matter whose cassia youre using, the results are gonna pretty much be similar. ive tried light mountain and surya (in a variety of colors) and those were pretty much the same. some people have sworn by mehandi's baq henna but im not so sure the difference is so big.

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