trinidad recipe site

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they look pretty authentic to me. Enjoy!


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    Yum! Thanks for sharing!!! I love trying new foods and recipes!
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    I looked at it and the main two recipes I saw weren't even Trini - a Singapore dish with noodles and a Jamaican Sunday lunch (I remember growing up with both JA lunch and Trini lunch, but for the Yard lunch, the chicken was always done jerk-style, and there were always greens on the plate as well as red rice or rice and peas and plantains. And the Trini lunch had peas and rice or coocoo and fish. But anyway....)

    eta: After I really looked, I saw the recipes for doubles, accra, pholourie, etc. I use the Naparima Girls' cookbook for Trini recipes, but those ones look pretty good too.
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    Mmm, love trini ffood! Anyone here cook Cajun?:iconbiggrin:
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