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I tried twists for the first time a couple weeks ago ( I forgot to take pictures) but I got to like day 2 or 3 of them im and they started to get frizzy and unravel. I loved the way the looked on me and I want to try again.

Does anyone know a product that will help them stay together and help cut down on frizz? I was kind of thinking about trying Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Creme, But I'm not sure.

By the way I have 3c/4a hair... from what i understand.


  • honiecurlshoniecurls Registered Users Posts: 106
    :? I don't think there is a way to stop the frizz ... even if you cover your hair... all the twists i see get like that afer a few days... try going to :oops: ?) .. they are full of twist info...
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    I tried something this week, and I am on the 5th day with twists - no frizz.

    I started with well conditioned hair
    Applied a mixture of 1 qtr size honey, 1 tbsp kemi oil (probably could use any carrier), and 4 oz gel (I used eco styler gel for braids and twists) to the ends only

    I spritz my scalp twice daily, and tie with a satin scarf at night.

    If you don't want to mix stuff, try ors lock and twist gel or try some of the other hard hold gels.

    Also, see for technique tips.

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    I've used ORS Lock&twist works pretty good IMO. I can get my twists to stay in for about a week before they start to unravel then I just retwist the ends with more.
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  • SakuraSakura Registered Users Posts: 7
    Thanks for all your tips. I retried twisting my hair and i put a little FOTE Gel on it and it seemed to work well. I took them out today because they were starting to look frizzy ( I think it was one to many holiday naps without tying up my hair) But it seemed to last 5 days, which is a new record.

    Does anyone know where I can find ORS Twist and Loc gel? I've looked at walmart and a couple local Beatuy Supply Stores and haven't been able to find it.
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    Does anyone know where I can find ORS Twist and Loc gel? I've looked at walmart and a couple local Beatuy Supply Stores and haven't been able to find it.[/quote]

    If you haven't already try Sally's Beauty Supply Store. That's where I got mine.
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  • SakuraSakura Registered Users Posts: 7
    Thanks malikmom, Sally's is the only place I haven't checked. So I might have to run by there.
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    I wear my twists for like a week and a half before they start to look too bad. I know before I clipped my ends, they frizzed rather quickly. Split ends have a way of doing that I guess.
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