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Hi everyone, I'm Lillu, a 3c/4a transitioner from the UK!

I have in fact been coming on for the last 2 yrs or so! I think I did register way back then but only posted a few times... my main aim back then was to find a product that would help my relaxed hair get more curly, as it wud only go into fine limp waves.

Anyway, I basically gave up on that when i discovered bendy rods, which I used from then on with gel+hairdryer to get my hair curly. I still visited from time to time to keep up on latest products, and to buy Blended Beauty stuff!

Anyway, i was quite happy raping my hair with relaxers until one day last summer when 3 inches of my hair broke off in one day... just out of the blue! My hair has been long for years & years, a couple of inches below my bra strap, then i just woke up one day, brushed it out and there was tons of hair in my brush and my hair was straggly-ended and 3 inches shorter almost all over! So I cried for ages, and told myself i wudnt relax ever again... well except that i have to have the option of straight hair and thought id never ever be able to cope with my huge, thick, dry natural hair! So i tried to delay my next relaxer, but caved in after 3 months and got it relaxed on 20th Sep 2007, and got another 2 inches cut off to hopefully fix the breakage.

Then i thought what-have-i-done.. regretted it right away, and knew i wanted to go natural. The breakage really scared me... what if it all broke off!? So i decided not to relax again as long as i cud find a decent straightening iron that didnt do too much damage. My mom bought me a GHD (which ironically in fact makes my natural hair far softer and shiny than the relaxers ever did), and since then i was sold... no more relaxers! Am coming up to my 11th month now... although my hair is SO THICK i cant believe it sometimes! Its getting more and more curly... i love the ringlets and am dying to BC but cant imagine having short hair! I'd look like a bloke!

Er anyway so "HI!" again, and thanks for having me!!!

Lillu xxxxxxxxxx
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    Welcome (back?)

    Glad you have finally stopped relaxing your hair (I never tried it b/c I figured then I'd actually have to do my hair and thats a no no for me!)

    Using a flat iron also causes breakage and damage to your hair, do you think you are going to slowly ween yourself off the iron and become totally natural?
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    So happy you're back. :D

    Sorry you went through such hardship to get here but glad you found your way back to curly! :blob7:
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    Hiya from another UK curly!!!

    Kerry xx
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    Thank you guys!! Its good to be here properly, and not just lurking lol!!

    I am really tryin to limit my use of my ghds to no more than once a week at most, and some weeks ill wear my hair curly, altho my relaxed hair seems to have cottoned on to what I am doing and refuses to curl properly in the rod set like it used to... so i am wearing my hair up more and more, which i hate! but its the only way to keep it looking tidy and protect it. Ideally I'd straighten it all the time until all the relaxer has grown out, but now i have curls i never knew i had before i am scared to death of damaging them!

    SarcasmIsBeauty, i am hoping that once i can perfect the art of braid-outs i will only ever use my ghd's for the odd special occasion where i want straight hair... i am pertified everytime i use them that i'll wash my hair and it wont go curly again! I am doing well tho i think and not using them too much!

    3c spirals & corkscrews!
    Transitioned Sep'07-Nov'08
    BCed 21st Nov 2008!!

    My hair likes:
    Alba Botanical Leave-in is my irst HG :-)
    Condish: AOHR
    Co-wash: Original Source Tea Tree Mint
    Post-BC hair HATES protein!
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    We're happy to have you!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!