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I went to the hair dresser to have my hair lightened ONLY 1-2 shades lighter. Well, it's more like 4-5 lighter. I had her "fix" it but she didn't quite do it and I didn't want her to make matters worse so I just left.
What can I do?? Can I use some natural instincts to darken it a bit or what?

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    Going too light is easier to fix than going too dark. You can use an ammonia-free color to tone down the lightness, but CAUTION: the lightening process that the salon did on your hair makes it very porous and it will drink up the dye like nothing else, so I would use caution when buying a color. Do not go too dark (I made this mistake in the past, and it was baaaaad). A demi-permanent would probably work fine for toning down the color. Also, do NOT SKIP THE STRAND TEST (that was what led to my one-time catastrophe mentioned above), because that will let you know how quickly your hair will take the dye and how long you should leave it on. Condition WELL afterwards. HTH.

    (Sorry for the CAPS. I didn't mean to yell, but I just wanted to make sure you avoided my one past mistake. All of my other home hair coloring experiments have been successes).
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    good advice from ff there. :) You could use NI or RC's Color to darken it up a bit, but be very careful. Whichever brand you choose, be sure to go about 3-4 shades lighter, as your hair will most likely grab the color. Like ff said also, do the strand test. Good luck! :)

    Have you tried a good DT first? Maybe your hair is just dry now. Sometimes doing a DT makes my hair look darker when it's been dry.
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