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spiral-ncspiral-nc Registered Users Posts: 716
I need advice chicas! I'm soooo bored with my hair. First - what style could I have my hair cut into that would allow me to wear my hair out and would look good, given my hair texture and length? I'm not looking to go much shorter than it is now.

And second - anyone know of a salon or stylist in Philly or New York, besides Curve, that can actually cut 4a/3c hair without blowdrying it first? I ask this because different parts of my hair shrink differently. I don't see how anyone could possibly cut it straight. The lengths would be completely different when my hair dried.
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    What about Devachan in NYC? That is where I want to go one of these days.
    I have kinks, coils and curls on this head.
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  • spiral-ncspiral-nc Registered Users Posts: 716
    Thanks for the suggestion, Blaqpearl. I went to their Web site, but they didn't have much content yet. I wanted to look at their gallery and see examples of what they could do with hair like mine, but the photos aren't up yet. Heck, I don't even know what cut I would get. I haven't seen any pics of precision cuts on ultra coily, big hair.
    spirals, kinks, s-shapes and coils.

    H is for Henna and Healthy Hair!
    Use only the PURE STUFF
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    I go to Christo's 5th Avenue in NYC. Not sure what your budget is though.
  • honiecurlshoniecurls Registered Users Posts: 106
    OT web jockey... your brother is too fine! :shock: :oops:
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    hee hee. I'll let him know he has a fan ;)

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