something besides down, in a pony tail or a bun??

jukamoojukamoo Posts: 11Registered Users
basically the only ways i wear my hair are in a ponytail, a bun, or just all down. what are other ways to wear my hair so i dont get bored?


  • _obsessed__obsessed_ Posts: 16Registered Users
    i know i am having the same issue
    3a Chin length layered and side bangs
  • k33rstynk33rstyn Posts: 59Registered Users
    that's really funny to me because up until about a month ago, i never wore my hair down. I attached some pictures to show you some hairdo's I rock!:)

    Here are some ideas

    #1 pinning my bangs back and creating a little "poof."
    #2 low side ponytail with volume
    #3 half up with a clip in back and a side part
    #4 low pony tail with side part and volume in back
    #5 high double pony tail with a little poof (It's actually in 2 ponytails on top of each other to make it look longer.)

    ooo and I almost forgot my avatar... half up half down with bobby pins. It gives it a little more volume than doing it with a clip.

    If you have any questions on how to do any of them, or want more ideas, let me know!
  • Gorgeous_LoxxGorgeous_Loxx Posts: 14Registered Users
    k33rstyn i am absolutely 100% IN LOVE with your curls. Can i steal them? lol

    Learning to control the tresses

    Love your Loxx Care for your Curls
    Curly is the new FABULOUS

    Lil bit of 3b Maybe a pinch of 3c

    Humidity Epiphany (Hupiphany??)
  • k33rstynk33rstyn Posts: 59Registered Users
    aww you're too sweet. Thank you!!! I'm just starting to love my curls. :) I would give you some if I could!!

    p.s. please excuse the ridiculous face i'm making in that one picture... i'm such a goofball.

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